Hormone/Gut Expert & Board Certified Osteopathic Physician 

Helping High Performing Women Balance Their Hormones, Optimize Gut Function, Boost Their Fertility, And Get Pregnant Naturally

I’m a board certified family medicine physician and functional medicine expert who is ready to help you take charge of your hormone and gut symptoms! 

My own journey battling PCOS, hypothyroidism, recurrent miscarriage, leaky gut, food intolerances, and unexplained fertility has given me a unique position to help improve your energy, decrease your anxiety and stress, end bloating, stop burnout and make your life the best it can be!

It Started When I Got Sick At Just 16 Years…

In the Spring of 2006, I started experiencing  symptoms of an unknown illness. 

My body was rocked by crippling fatigue, dizziness, an inability to stand and joint pain. 

I went to numerous doctors and specialists, none of whom could give me any answers. I was left feeling  trapped and frustrated, hopelessly telling myself I was destined to feel this way forever. 

Despite a brief period of respite after self-medicating, my health went from bad to worse when I started medical school in 2014.  

The combination of stress from coursework, and a harsh, self-imposed exercise regime only made things worse. 

I loved running, and training for half marathons became my passion. But as my training intensified, my symptoms became stranger. I had increased fatigue and my hair began falling out in clumps. I was always freezing cold, my acne flared up, and I suffered from uncontrollable weight gain.

Anxiety and depression took over. I was constantly worrying about what I put in my body and I jumped from one diet to another. I was totally obsessed with my appearance, and I struggled to control everything about my life and body.

In 2015, after I got married, I was diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism. I was able to get pregnant quickly, but there was no heartbeat at our first ultrasound. Instead a large cyst filled my uterus and prevented the baby from growing. I was devastated. 

Three months later, my first daughter was born after falling pregnant naturally. 

I had an uneventful pregnancy and was very healthy throughout. However, labor took an unexpected turn when my daughter was found to be breech, and had to transfer to the hospital for an unexpected C-section. 

After my pregnancy, I had no idea how to treat my body postpartum. 

I tried to be strong and brave by keeping myself busy, cleaning the house after I came home from the hospital, and staying active instead of resting. Little did I know the damage I was causing my body. 

Then, in 2018 I had back to back miscarriages, almost hemorrhaging during the second. The second of these miscarriages involved a medical removal of the pregnancy, and I returned to work on the hospital floors 2 days later. 

I still didn’t understand that my body needed me to slow down in order to heal. I was too preoccupied with all the things I should be “doing” versus the things I should “not do”.

But Then Everything Changed...

When I found a holistic doctor.

Together we discovered a list of conditions that previous doctors had totally missed…

An overgrowth of bacteria in my gut, out of control hormones, a gene mutation that increases the risk of miscarriage, multiple food intolerances, and hypothyroidism that was impacting me more than I thought.   

I was placed on a ton of supplements and a special diet to heal my gut. I also cut back on exercise and increased my stress reduction techniques. I started to follow a low inflammatory diet that allowed my body to heal with food.. My body was finally able to absorb nutrients for the first time since childhood. As I began taking supplements to eliminate harmful gut bacteria and replace them with beneficial strains, my energy gradually returned, enabling me to thrive once more.

I made a complete shift by letting go of HIIT workouts and running, opting for yoga and walking to prioritize my health. Instead of punishing my body through grueling exercise and calorie counting, I focused on a more balanced, gentle, and fulfilling approach. I started meditating daily and learned more about how to slow down and care for both my body and mind. 

I had mistreated my body for years by overexercising, undereating, and not giving it a chance to have a healthy pregnancy. 

After that month, I continued to practice fertility yoga, went to acupuncture, started eating higher fat and lower carb. I found support from women who experienced infertility as well. I started doing daily meditation. I started to pray and visualize that baby.


Now I'm Able To Live A Full And Energetic Life...

After my complete lifestyle change, I was able to conceive twice more. I conceived my third baby without struggle, and never experienced another miscarriage! 

During that time, I was working in the conventional medical field. But my personal health journey and the dissatisfaction I experienced with the “help” I received left me yearning for a more fulfilling path, one unburdened by the constraints of traditional medicine..

I was inspired to use my experience and newfound knowledge to help high-performing women who have gone through similar journeys heal their gut and hormones!

I remembered how lost, frustrated, and hopeless I felt for so many years, and I didn’t want anyone to suffer like I did. So I took matters into my own hands and started this business!

Now I’m able to…. heal other women who have gone through the countless struggles of leaky gut, PCOS, hypothyroidism, infertility, or multiple miscarriages.

I use a powerful set of tools, honed through personal experience and the successful healing of both myself and countless other women, including comprehensive functional lab testing, personalized nutrition and supplements, mindful movement, quality sleep, a positive mindset, and effective detoxification of both body and environment..

I help women bring themselves back to feeling their best by increasing energy, overcoming bloating and constipation, reducing anxiety and depression, and achieving regular cycles without pain and optimal fertility.

Fun facts!

I took cake decorating classes with my mom when I was in college and if I didn’t go into the health care field, I would’ve been a baker!
I love traveling and eating! Exploring the world through different culture’s cuisine is one of my favorite past-times!
My wedding anniversary is in December, so my husband and I have a tradition to visit Christmas markets every year!

Ready to improve your gut and hormone health to live a life full of vitality?